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For Sale
Status: Active  Advert Category: Telescope-Reflector  Advert # 3091
12" SW Collapsible dob w/ setting circle & inclinometer
Got this scope a couple of months ago to upgrade from my 10" BUT it turns out its a lot heavier and bigger than previously thought aha, just fitting it in to my sedan is such a hassle. I'm planning on downgrading back to a 10" or just a portable set up with my heq5 and using the spare cash to buy more imaging stuff I'm not sure about its age since i bought it second hand but its in good nic. The base has been rebuilt by the previous owner due to flood damage (the mount was damaged, not the scope for those who are wondering). It's been upgraded to provide a smoother spin. It has a setting circle which you can use as a basic push-to function. I personally bought a $45 inclinometer (digital angle finder) to find objects in the sky. I've never use this since my backyard has such a small angle of view that I already know where everything I want to look at is aha. But, all you have to do is setup the dob facing true south and level it. Find the alt-az coordinate of an object you want from stellarium (or other star chart programs) and the object should appear right in its field of view. Comes with the stock straight through finderscope but no eyepieces as I intend to use them.

I'll also include free of charge a phone to eyepiece adapter so you can take afocal pictures/videos of planetary objects. It didnt fit my phone (its a xiaomi and has some weird camera/button placement).

Pick up only from Gold Coast QLD. For the previously stated reason its gonna be difficult for me to personally deliver it in my car aha.

Price is $750 ONO.
Price: $750
Posted on (ET): 2017-05-04 14:44:11
Last Updated on (ET): 2017-05-04 14:51:53
Contact: ToeKnee   (user details & view my other adverts)
Phone Number (optional):
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

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