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Circuit and EQ-Mount
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Circuit and EQ-Mount
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Status: Active  Advert Category: Mount-Pier-Tripod  Advert # 3096
I need a 555 timer circuit as an oscillator for a stepper motor.
I would like to know if anyone familiar in electronics, can a 555 timer circuit be incorporated into this circuit. Replacing the RC oscillator of R1, VR1 and C5 blue square area (As seen in schematic) with a 555 timer circuit. How would I go about doing that. Thank you and clear skies, Michael

The EQ-mount I am building is nearing completion, just need to attach the stepper motors and telescope cradle to support the telescope.
Price: $0
Posted on (ET): 2017-05-13 21:32:33
Last Updated on (ET): 2017-05-13 21:33:50
Contact: imhimmelkommter   (user details & view my other adverts)
Phone Number (optional): 0423270467
Location: Warrnambool, Victoria

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