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For Sale
Status: Active  Advert Category: Telescope-Refractor  Advert # 3155
Sky Rover ULT 102 Carbon Fibre ED Glass Triplet APO Refractor f7 + LOTS MORE
Change of opportunity to use so this beautiful scope is up for sale.

Moon images were taken with this and a Canon

Package (Purchased by me 2015-2017 new and at Retail from a Specialist Telescope shop)

Sky Rover ULT 102 Carbon Fibre ED Glass Triplet APO Refractor Telescope f7

Cost me $2499 (Obtained a substantial discount)

Telescope tripod Saxon (manual), bracket and weights included. Legs on the tripod are reinforced ($600)

Aluminium case for telescope-$180

42mm T Mount (Canon) (Cost me) $30

Eyepieces - (Cost me) $400 (Celestron 40mm, Plossl 25mm, Kellner 25mm, Plossl 10mm, Kellner 9mm and Plossl 4mm)

Barlow (x5 times mag) (Cost me estimate) $80 (Average quality this unit)

Diagonal (Cost me) $209

Finder scope (Cost me) $129

Colour filter set (Cost me) $100 4 colour filters: 1. Neutral Density - for the moon - Grey 0.96 2. Blue - for Mar's polar cap 3. Yellow - for Saturn's rings 4. Orange - for Jupiter's cloud bands

Solar filter (Cost me) $30

Everwin Oxygen 3 Nebula filter (Cost me) $169 (reveals intricate detail that rivals deep sky astrophotography) reveals detail visually that enables nebulae to be 2.9 times greater in detail than without the filter, also used for astroimaging

The Everwin Oxygen 3 filter delivers the absolute highest contrast views of diffuse and planetary nebula.

All up it cost me over $4,500 delivered and before discounts I pushed for this package is worth over $5,500

Will consider splitting up to sell


All items are in good condition except for a few cosmetics things which will not effect performance.

Can send pics or see ebay ad

Cheers, Steve Traynor

Price: $1,950
Posted on (ET): 2017-09-20 15:01:45
Last Updated on (ET): 2017-09-20 15:09:28
Contact: Trayn   (user details & view my other adverts)
Phone Number (optional): 0403928610
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

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