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Status: Active  Advert Category: CCD-equip  Advert # 3160
QHY8 OSC Classic - Perfect first dedicated cooled astrocam
Looks like I bit off more than I could chew by jumping on the dedicated astrocam too soon. I've gotten some good results with the camera but I think I need a bit more practice with a dslr before going back to a ccd. The camera works excellently, 0 mechanical or electrical faults. Worked flawlessly at astrofest just running on a deep cycle 12v battery. The issues I had with the images were by having the wrong settings and calibrations on my end . I bought this originally for $750 + shipping and its only been used a handful of times (the most its been used was during the 3 nights at astrofest. The camera didnt come with a AC power supply (only the car adapter 12v DC).
Selling for the same price I got it for with the AC power supply I bought as well as a longer usb cable.
Excellent first dedicated cooled imaging that holds itself very well even against newer dslr models.

In summary:
$750 + Shipping (pick up is preferred)
Price: $750
Posted on (ET): 2017-10-17 13:46:35
Last Updated on (ET):
Contact: Tony.K   (user details & view my other adverts)
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Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

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