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Celestron CPC 200mm
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Hand held controller
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203mm Schmidt Cassegrain
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Magnifiers and Filters
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For Sale
Status: Active  Advert Category: Telescope-Reflector  Advert # 3186
Celestron CPC series 200mm telescope with full GPS StarAllign tracking, NexRemote software, 8x50mm Finderscope and multi
This is a beautiful telescope, essentially brand new on a sturdy tripod with fully automated star tracking technology. Once switched on, the GPS automatically searches for satellites and positions itself. From here, all you need to do is train it on a couple of known objects - easily done with the hand held controller and finderscope - then select any object you like from over 40,000 stored objects in the database, and it automatically finds, locks on and tracks the object. Select another one, and it goes straight there. Drill into the craters of the moon - it almost feels as if you are there. Go to Saturn and be mesmerized by the rings. Search for your own stuff - Pleides, the Jewel Box and any number of colourful nebulae. Additional eyepeices and filters in their own secure carry case allow for perfect viewing under any conditions.
Price: $2,995
Posted on (ET): 2018-01-02 21:45:00
Last Updated on (ET): 2018-01-02 22:39:50
Contact: Malcolm Rowe   (user details & view my other adverts)
Phone Number (optional): 3300
Location: Hamilton, Victoria

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