Denis Legault's 2006 Messier Marathon

May 24, 2006

On the night of March 26/27, 2006 I did another Messier marathon. I did it from my home observatory (CPO) using a Meade LX200 10" and the MallinCam PRO. I imaged 109 objects (imaged NGC 5866 for M102) missing only M30. I had a star mag. 9 on the monitor at 5:10am. That star was just 3 degrees away from M30. I had to wait until 5:20am for M30 to get above a far away tree at 2 degrees above the horizon. At 5:20am, I was on M30 but the camera dis-engaged. That was only 30 minutes before sunrise.

I posted the images on the web site. All images consist of a stack of 30 shots of 2 seconds each. Here is the direct link:

These images are a lot better compared to the images with the Mallincam 1 taken during the Messier marathon of 2004.

Now I have the MallinCam Hyper. With that camera, I should have no problem seeing M30 during the marathon. Next year I want to do twp marathons: one from my home observatory (CPO) with my LX200 10" and the other one using my 14" dobsonian. For the second marathon, I will use the star hoping method with my dob. I will have a Telrad, the MallinCam 1 on a spotting scope attached to the dob and the MalliCam Hyper instead of the eyepiece. This should allow me to observe all 110 from Canadian soil.

Denis Legault