Denis Legault's 2007 Messier Marathon

April 18, 2007

I did another Messier Marathon again this year. Last year I imaged 109 messiers and missed only M30. Since then, I got my MallinCam camera upgraded from the model PRO to the Hyper model. So, I did imaged the Messier objects again this year hoping to capture M30. I successfully imaged 109 objects again this year. I had M30 in the field of view but I did not see it on the monitor. I still have not had the chance to process all my images (I planning Astronomy Day with OAOG) to see if I captured M30 in my video still shots files. I'll finish the processing after AstroDay. There is small chance I might have images M30 also but I'm not keeping my hopes up. As soon as I finish posting the images on the OAOG web site, I'll let you know.

So, I imaged 109 messier objects during the Messier marathon on night of March 28th to March 29th, 2007. I missed only M30 for the second year in a row. The marathon was done using a Meade LX200 10inch with the MalliCam Hyper. The location was my home observatory (CPO - Couch Potato Observatory) which is in the attic of my house in Orleans Ontario (suburb of Ottawa).

Denis Legault