Doing "Real Science" from your Backyard

On August 21, 2004 I presented at Starfest 2004 on the topic of doing real science from your backyard. Listed below are the Internet resources that were provided during the presentation.

General Astronomy

Deep Sky Browser ( -
American Astronomical Society - Pro / Am collaboration -
SIMBAD Astronomical Database -

Meteor Showers

Radio detection of meteors (Phil Gebhardt) -  
International Meteor Organization -
American Meteor Society -
Meteor scatter info -

Comet Hunting

IAU Astronomical Headlines -
JPL Comet Observation Page - 
Digitized Sky Survey - 

Occultations & Grazes

International Lunar Occultation Centre observations clearing house - 
International Occultation Timing Association occultation predictions -

Variable Stars

American Association of Variable Star Observers -

Binary Stars

Webb Society -
Double Star Library - 
The Double Star Observer journal -
The Washington Double Star Catalogue -  

Asteroid Hunting & Astrometry

The Minor Planet Center - 
Near Earth Object Program -
Lowell critical list of asteroids -

Supernova Hunting

International Supernova Network -
Digital Sky Survey - 


Reporting Astronomical Discoveries

Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
comets, supernovae, novae, variable stars, planetary surface changes

Minor Planet Center
Minor planets (asteroids) 

International Meteor Organization
Fireballs on-line form