Telescopes and observers did not see much action this year. Skies were cloudy on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Those who arrived early were treated to great skies on Tuesday and Wednesday night.

7-inch Starfire

Here's a striking instrument - an Astrophysics 7-inch Starfire refractor on a super-heavy-duty mount... we're talking BIG BUCKS here! I think it belongs to Charles Sinsofski.


25-inch Dob

On the right is Atilla Danko from Ottawa, Ontario. He's telling all about his 25-inch Obsession dobsonian to yet another amazed amateur astronomer.


12.5-inch Portaball

This is one of my favourites - it's a 12.5-inch "Portaball 1" from Mag1 Instruments. This scope is beautifully made, extremely portable, easy to set up, and it can be moved in ANY direction in one single motion. Too bad these telescopes are so darn expensive!

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