The River Place Campground

Starfest takes place every year at The River Place campground, which is located between Mount Forest and Durham. For those not familiar with the area, it's about 180 km north-west of Toronto (Ontario, Canada). Pictured above are the main tent, vendors, and part of the campground. The photo is taken from the west edge of the campground, looking east.


Main Tent

This is the main tent where many of the talks took place. This year the organizers chose a new type of tent - one that is supposed to be cooler and does not have supporting beams blocking the view of the stage. Was it indeed cooler? It might have been, but I was still extremely hot... to the point where I only attended a couple of talks because it was just too hot in there!



This photo is taken from about the middle of the campground, looking east. The main tent is behind the photographer, and the front entrance is way in the background. The field pictured here used to be empty only a few years ago, but now, with the increased attendance, campers have populated this area as well.


Main Building

This is the campground's main building where the washrooms and showers are. On the second floor is a spacious meeting room where other presentations took place. To the left is a small pool - a blessing for those who just could not take the heat!

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