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For Sale -Dealer Ad
Status: Active  Ad Category: Telescope-Reflector  Ad # 42882

Yes that's right. Only this telescope because it is my first telescope offered with push-to system installed, I decided to offer it as a gift to further promote my business. Please note you need to have your cellphone to communicate wirelessly with the push-to system. Now you can see 300 objects in one night from your favorite dark sky place. Without push-to you will need 30 nights to drive to the same place to see the same number of objects. Only on gas you will save 500-1000 $ in one summer, beside the more important saving your time which will be hundreds of hours.
The regular price for the next 20 inch telescope with the same push-to installed system will be 5800 CAD.
The scope offered is the same - the current latest new design and model.

.New Design 20" Faster, Shorter, Better, Lighter, Smaller**Interferometer test included for both mirrors**Absolutely Pinpoint Stars


Hi again Astrobuysell members

I decided to offer for Astrobuysell members one more new never used excellent 20" telescope at the same price 5,000 CAD for this year. The scope is the same as the 20" shown on my website, end even better designed with shorter mirror box, now the height of the mirror box is 6" instead of 7" on the picture.
The mirror is F/3.9 and 1.2 inch thick and just coated interferometer image and interferometer test is shown on the pictures attached, excellent views guaranteed. Interferometer tested Strehl = 0.91 see attached picture.
Will deliver the telescope up to 500 km from Toronto you pay for gas.
Availability - JUST FINISHED

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


A few days ago had chance to observe with this telescope and 12.5 mm Docter-Zeiss eyepiece. ABSOLUTELY PINPOINT STARS! AND STUNNING VIEWS AT 200X UNMATCHED WITH OTHER EYEPIECES. Thanks Anthony for providing this king of eyepieces paid over 1000 $ and joining me so I can test my telescope.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Unfortunately the older design 20" Dobsonian telescopes are now all sold out.
Those who decided to risk and had trust in my capabilities are now rewarded with beautiful views of the celestial objects and enjoy the weekends at their dark observing properties. Their dream come true is the most common reply in the e-mails I am getting. And they say the more time they spend with the telescope the more they understand how good the telescope is and how professionally is made. They replaced their 10 and 12 inchers with Sky Observing telescope and that is really something to celebrate. Compare the price with 15,000 CAD to buy 20" scope from elsewhere.

For those Astrobuysell members whose dream still did not come true I am offering one telescope - my newest design 20" telescope at a discounted price of 6,000 CAD. It is the same design with same specifications as described on my website - just copy and paste this link

It is much superior - shorter at only F/4 so most of the time you will observe without ladder, faster mirror now machine made, better design with smaller size of the components and easily detachable bearings, will fit almost in any car ( 4-door Honda civic size ) guaranteed so you can transport the scope to your cottage or favourite observing place, what is most important it is lighter you can probably hold any of the components with one finger of your hand as I hold them shown on my website, perfectly balanced - no need for counterweights, nice looking shroud from stretchable material and more and more, with top components Feathertouch focuser, Astrosystems secondary mirror, holder with offset and spider, Kendrick secondary heater, Schott made in Germany low expansion borosilicate primary mirror glass material . Secondary mirror is always without exception 1/20 error, and because Randy from Astrosystems know how strict I am about it, he always pulls from the batch the best 1/20's which are in fact usually 1/25 error.

Already 5 years into mirror making, you can be confident that the mirror will not disappoint you - the telescope will reveal for you all Messier objects in their complete beauty guaranteed. And because usually mirror makers and telescope manufacturers want to include the marketing science into about how good their mirrors are, I will skip that manipulation and post interferometer test of two mirrors I finished recently and tested a week ago. One image is fast 20" F/4 mirror test result with Strehl = 0.85 and the other is test result image of fast 20" F/3.9 mirror with Strehl = 0.92

And as always, your satisfaction is guaranteed - if you do not like the telescope - you can return it, including the mirror. No other manufacturer or mirror maker will give you this opportunity - once you place the order you are not allowed to return it if not satisfied or because of other reason. Also you have warranty on all other parts or services which I supply from other parties - like the focuser, spider, holder, secondary mirror, secondary heater, mirror coatings and so on, in other words I am taking the responsibility on my own if those components give up.

All of you who know Dobsonians know that only classic design Dobsonian is the most appreciated design because it can offer top performance - no other dobsonian design can match the performances of its old classic design - but that unfortunately goes together with big weight and big size. But all that is now past - now you can have top performance classic design Dobsonian telescope but at the same time with weight and size as ultracompact Dobsonian, and on top of that at a fraction of a price.

Availability - right now

Best Regards

Price: $5,200
Posted on: 2017-12-31 17:51:22
Last Updated on: 2017-12-31 17:51:22
Contact: Sky Observing   (user details & view my other ads)
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Location: Toronto, ON (view map of area)

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