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SkyTech light Pollution Filters! Half the cost and all the performance! Available only from
Ontario Telescope and Accessories


Available exclusively from Ontario Telescope and Accessories

Skytech Light Polution Filters for your Canon DSLR camera. Our initial stock order sold out in a week, and the shipped across the US and Australia. We waited to show them on AstroBuySell until we had another stock order delivered.

Designed to snap into place, the Skytech LPS filters are available in 3 versions.

CLS - City Light Suppression
CLS-CCD - City Light Suppression for Modified Cameras
L-Pro - Best choice for nightscape photography

SkyTech CLS filters are suitable for unmodified Canon DSLRs. The CLS has a wider pass-band than a UHC filter, so it gives a more natural colour rendition than a UHC filter. CLS is therefore best for mild to moderate light pollution on city outskirts or suburban locations.

SkyTech CLS-CCD filters are suitable for modified Canon DSLRs because they block UV and IR light, which are normally blocked by the built-in filters in the camera. This gives sharper stars.

The SkyTech LPRO MAX filter is designed to improve the visibility of stars and deepsky objects, by blocking light pollution, while transmitting light from these objects. The LPRO MAX filter has a specially tuned passband which gives an even more natural colour rendition than CLS or UHC filters. It also allows more starlight through than UHC and CLS filters for a more natural looking milky way and more natural colours in the landscape.

Compatible with all APS-C sized Canon EOS cameras. Not for full frame cameras. Do not use with EFS lenses because the rear elements can strike the filter.

Providing the same performance, if not better, than competing brands and at half the price. check out this review by

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Thank you for shopping at Ontario Telescope and Accessories
A proud supporter of Public Outreach, the RASC and other Astronomy clubs across Canada.

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Posted on: 2018-01-15 13:22:25
Last Updated on: 2018-01-15 13:22:25
Contact: Ontario Telescopes   (user details & view my other ads)
Phone Number (optional): 9054876363
Location: Bolton, ON (view map of area)

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