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Canada-wide Astronomy Buy & Sell does not collect personal data of any kind for the purpose of re-distributing it or re-selling it.

However, keep in mind that all personal information you reveal by posting an advert on this web page is visible to anyone (akin to placing an advert in the classified section of a newspaper), therefore anyone could collect user names and phone numbers from the ad postings. Your email address is not shown in adverts (unless you choose to enter it in the body of the advert, which is not recommended).

This web site records the following information about each user that visits:
Date & Time
IP address & Host

The primary purpose for recording this information is for maintaining a counter (ie counting the number of visitors). By recording the IP address, the counter will not roll up with each page re-load. This provides a much more realistic count of the number of visitors.

The secondary purpose for recording this information is for protecting the web site against malicious attacks and junk ads.

Note that every time you respond to an advert, your IP address is visible, either in the email header or the body of the email itself.  There is nothing unusual about this but it's something you should be aware of.

This web site does not place cookies on your system. However it was noticed that if you are placing an advert, cookies on your computer must be enabled (the cookie is sent back to itself, not to your computer). This  is required for verification while placing an advert.

The information on this web site is password protected, however it is probably not immune to advanced hacker attacks, therefore we urge every registered user to use a password that is unique to this web site. Please do not use the same password that you use for accessing other on-line systems. This will ensure that if this web site is hacked your password will be useless anywhere else. You can change and update your password from the “Post / Update Ads” link at the top of any page. In the event Canada-wide Astronomy Buy & Sell is hacked and passwords are stolen, you agree not to hold Canada-wide Astronomy Buy & Sell and its owners and operators responsible for any losses or damages.


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